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The Belfast Masonic Lodge No. 651

Our meetings and Festive Boards are held at Freemasons’ Hall, Arthur Square Belfast, BT1 4FF
The Third Monday each month January to May, and September to December starting at 6:51 pm.

Belfast Lodge Secretary Email: [email protected]  
Tel. 07831 848560

Freemasons Hall,

Refurbished in 2007, Freemasons' Hall, Belfast, is an undiscovered jewel of the architectural and social heritage of Belfast. It is of great local interest, with many of the city’s forefathers immortalised in its records, and it has borne witness to many significant events spanning three centuries.

Since 1878, Freemasons' Hall, Belfast, has also hosted the Donegall Club, one of the oldest clubs in Ireland, named after the Marquees of Donegall.
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The No Secrets Tour, Freemasons’ Hall, Belfast

On 24 June 1868, streets in Belfast were closed for a procession from the Ulster Hall to Arthur Square. An event of great pomp and circumstance, balconies were constructed to provide the ladies of Belfast with a clear view, and around 10,000 people gathered to watch Sir Charles Lanyon, renowned architect and Freemason, lay the foundation stone of Freemasons’ Hall. Completed and opened early in 1870, Freemasons’ Hall has since been a central location for the Masonic tradition in Northern Ireland.

Refurbished in 2007, the building remains an active hub for Masonic practice and is now open to those interested in 19th Century architecture, the history of Belfast and, not least, to the culturally curious.

Throughout its corridors and rooms, Masonic artefacts and features tell the story of the building and of the Masonic tradition itself clearly and openly.

There are No Secrets - rather a frank and illuminating discourse on the relevance of Freemasonry in both a historical and contemporary context.

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